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The Commercial Producers Council

The Commercial Producers Council (CPC) is a member based organisation representing the interests of production companies working in marketing communications. Members are engaged in commercial production, post production, editing, music and animation, working with creative and media communications agencies in the delivery of audio visual expertise.

We provide members with a regular industry update to highlight the latest issues we believe are important to the business. We also liaise with international associations to share best practice initiatives, knowledge and advice from the global marketplace.


  • To champion best practice business principles for members
  • Provide systems and processes to assist members in delivering excellence
  • Promote the economic and business benefits of the industry to the business community 
Comms Council Professional Development

CPC Standard Production Agreement

A standard agreement for commercial production, developed in consultation with The Communications Council. This agreement is intended to provide a framework for agencies and production companies to employ best practice principles. While each project operates within different parameters, standardising the process clarifies responsibilities and creates better efficiencies. It does not remove the need for negotiation and should act as a guide for parties to operate within the spirit of sustainable business partnerships.

Standard Production Agreement
Annexure 2: Standard Production Terms & Conditions
Annexure 3: Specifications & Responsibilities Checklist
Annexure 4: Overage Form
Recommended: Pitch Document, Schedule and Budget


The Australian Directors Guild (ADG) has partnered with The Communications Council and eight commercial production companies to offer commercial and content directing mentorships to female directors. Production companies participating include CPC members -

CPC members


 Little Black Book exclusive offer for members

We are excited to announce a new partnership with Little Black Book, which will bring a host of benefits for our members more info

Little Black Book

Update on the procurement of production and post-production services

Please download our overview of the procurement roster situation, learnings and
recommendations HERE

In summary:

  • We have had discussions with a number of agency leaders, heads of production, client marketing leaders and third party consultants to understand issues, concerns, learnings.
  • We have a good understanding of and alignment on client challenges and long term objectives. The objectives are focussed on creating deeper and more meaningful connections between brands and their audiences, gaining efficiencies, better managing complexity of media, as well as better asset management.
  • A key learning throughout the process has been that 'how' the procurement process is managed is fundamental to achieving mutually beneficial outcomes. Marketing leaders are critical in being involved. Likewise, the CMO learning has been that working with agencies directly is critical to a consultative and more constructive process.
  • Our shared objective with clients and agencies is to find effective and sustainable solutions for business issues through consultation and being proactive.

Partnering with CPC for best practice legal guidance in commercial production

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Update on Workplace Health & Safety

The Work Health & Safety legislation (WHS Act & Regulations) came into effect on 1 January 2012 harmonizing OHS laws across jurisdictions.

These changes can significantly impact production companies, agencies and clients particularly for photo shoots, television commercial productions, digital media productions and others where multiple duty holders are involved. MORE

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