About The Communications Council


Who we are

The Communications Council is the peak professional non-profit industry body representing companies in the Australian advertising industry. Our diverse member base spans more than 140 companies and approximately 5000 individuals who work in the areas of creative, digital, strategic planning, promotion, direct marketing, PR, design, production, and healthcare advertising.

We champion creativity, develop careers, promote the commercial impact of our advertising and provide guidance and industry leadership.

Our vision

TCC Vision 2019

Purpose: To foster the long-term prosperity of our members.
: To make advertising the most valued professional services industry in Australia.
Brand Positioning
: To advance the practice, reputation and influence of the advertising industry.

Key Pillars

1. People Development
Build professional talent through accreditation and diversity.

2. Champion Creativity
Champion creativity as a force to progress commerce, culture and society.

3. Demonstrate Value
Prove that advertising delivers significant value to brands, and ensure our members get paid appropriately for delivering that value.

2019 Opportunities and activities

Pillar Opportunity Activities
People Development

The industry thrives when multiple perspectives are applied to a problem. We need to broaden our talent pathways, invest into building careers and formalise recognised industry standards through accreditation.

Professional Development

  • AWARD School, AWARD Creative Leadership, AWARD Craft
  • AdSchool
  • IPA courses and certificates
  • Graduate programs
  • Diversity & Inclusion integration
  • Salary Survey insights
  • Accreditation and CPD roadmap
Champion Creativity

Help the industry feel positive about creativity and creative thinking. Inspire the broader business community to see that creativity can change the world.

  • AWARD Awards
  • AWARD 40th anniversary
  • AWARD ‘Work behind the Work’
  • APG ‘Planning Idol’
  • APG ‘Battle of Big Thinking’
Demonstrate Value

To elevate and amplify the impact and role that advertising can play when at its most effective. To reinforce that advertising is a vital element in a thriving economy.

  • Effie Awards program
  • Effie roadshow and ‘Work Behind the Work’
  • Effies Report and insights
  • Advertising Pays supplement
  • Continue Value-Based Pricing forums and thought-leadership