Mother-of-three Jen Freer reignites her creative streak with the help of AWARD School

Wednesday 12 June 2019

Mother-of-three Jen Freer reignites her creative streak with the help of AWARD School

Jen FreerBeing a mum is no doubt one of the most amazing experiences for AWARD School student Jen Freer. But juggling work and kids has also had its challenges.

“Advertising went on the back-burner whilst I learnt to manage my three new clients who are now 17, 18 and 19 years,” she said.

“I’ve always loved working in advertising and after being selected for 2019 AWARD School, I thought now was as great a time as ever to go and do something for myself and reignite my career in advertising. So here I am back again!”

Jen shares her story with the Comms Council.

What prompted you to apply to AWARD school?

Funnily enough I suggested to one of my kids that maybe they should apply for AWARD School as I’d done the course some years ago and thought they might enjoy it too. (Guess who ended up applying and getting in?).

Have you worked in advertising or the creative industry before?

My background has always been working in advertising, both as a client and in account services. But I stepped out of advertising when I became a mum at 38 and parenthood became a full-time job.  

Do you think your background as an account director has helped or hindered your development during the course?

Being an account director has definitely helped me during the course because I understand the whole marketing and advertising process. Not only have I been a suit I’ve also been the client. At the end of the day I think everyone can contribute to the creative process and being an account director who thinks creatively is a bonus.

Can you tell us about your current role and what you are working on right now?

Once a mum always a mum but now I definitely have more time to work part time. I am a location scout for television commercials, which is perfect for me as I can pretty much work my own hours scouting locations, learning more about the production side of making ads and take the dog with me as my trusted companion!

Is there a particular tutorial or brief from AWARD School so far that has remained with you?

Having studied Communications at Uni (majoring in film and psych) I have always loved film and television. Goes without saying that I loved the television brief most of all.

What do you know now about creative work that you didn't know before?

Digital has changed everything but at the end of the day all ads need a great idea.

What do you hope to achieve after graduation?

Having loved the course and reignited the creative juices, ideally I’d love to get a job in the creative department of an agency or return to accounts service as I believe everyone can contribute to creative solutions for their clients. 

My 30 year old nephew works in the industry and laughed when I told him I was doing AWARD School. He said my greatest problem would not be that I was short of great ideas but rather ageism. I’m hoping that my next employer realises that someone who comes with a lifetime of experiences brings a lot to the party!

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