Core Strategic Planning takeaways with Jake Batty


Three key takeaways from the AdSchool Core Strategic Planning course

Monday, 5 March 2018

Jake BattyFormer AdSchool student Jake Batty, NSW, says he first came across the Core Strategic Planning course after his agency put him forward to help further develop his skills. Recently promoted to Senior Account Manager at M&C Saatchi Australia, Comms Council caught up with Jake about the course and his three takeaways for future students.

How would you describe the course in a nutshell?

A fast-paced (in a good way) crash course in advertising strategy, with plenty of brand case studies and academic theories to contextualise.

What was the best thing about the AdSchool course?

I really liked how we had guest lectures from different agencies, skill sets and countries, as they injected different perspectives and experiences.

The course also covered a wide range of topics that meant we could dive deep into a specific topic that as a class we were interested or struggled with, while others could skim over more quickly.

What are the three things you were able to apply in your day-to-day work?

1. Idea vs. Execution

Important for my relationship with creatives and clients that I can clearly identify this and the class had some good examples to drive this home

2. Brief writing

Something that can always be improved and was good to get a few different opinions on this

3. Channel planning

With so many messages brands want to communicate it reiterated the need to be strategic in what you say in different channels.

The AdSchool Core Strategic Planning course is running in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. Registrations for the course are now open, with classes starting from March 20 in most cities.

Over 8 weeks, students will learn how to develop an end-to-end communications strategy, along with the latest global thinking. The course is a ‘must-do’ for planners and strategists at the beginning of their career, including Junior Planners, Account Execs & Account Managers, and Junior Marketers/Professionals.

For course details, dates and registration information, visit the AdSchool page on our website.

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