Best practice

Best practice

Peter Field: Short-termism is undermining long-term success in advertising

Peter Field

Friday, 18 August 2017

Ahead of his much-anticipated return to Australia, UK's Godfather of Effectiveness Peter Field is on a mission to break Aussie brands out of their short-term thinking. OPINION: I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but if you listen to everything that is said these days about the effectiveness of new advertising channels and tools you might be forgiven for thinking that all was rosy in advertising. It is not....Read more

Mental availability - does your brand have it?

Rachel Kennedy

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Ahead of her guest appearance at our 'Marketing Effectiveness on Trial' Summit, Ehrenberg-Bass Institute’s Associate Professor Rachel Kennedy explains the role of mental availability in driving brand success...Read more

Alcohol advertising in line with community standards

ABAC alcohol regulations

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

New research has found that rulings under the ABAC Responsible Alcohol Marketing Code over the past three years are in-line with community standards. Colmar Brunton Social Research has updated research undertaken in 2013, conducting a series of six focus groups and surveying 1,225 people to assess alcohol marketing considered by the ABAC Complaints Panel....Read more

The changing face of brands

Andrew McCowan

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

By Andrew McCowan, strategy and insights consultant.
We live in an era of branding – to the point that we are individually encouraged to have a “personal brand” that we market and manage through the social media space and beyond. People frequently discuss “the brand” and its meaning...Read more

Risky business - is screen scraping legal?

Stephen von Muenster

Monday, 8 May 2017

It’s no secret that commercialising data is big business. But is the way you collect data legal in Australia? A common way for businesses to extract and use data is screen scraping.  This process can provide significant commercial benefits to businesses, but it comes with a legal risk...Read more

A judge’s perspective on how to win an Effie

Colin Wilson-BrownThursday, 23 March 2017

Colin Wilson-Brown, Effies chairman of judges and principal, The Clinic, asks aspiring winners to put themselves in a judge’s shoes to make the process less painful - and increase their chances of victory. Put yourself in the position of a judge. They have 12 entries to read... Read more

Finance and media agencies - what you need to know part two

FinanceThursday, 23 March 2017

In these exclusive excerpts from our IPA online Commercial Certificate, we look at the role of finance within all components of a media agency, from pitching for new business to booking media. Prior to committing any plans with media owners an agency should ensure that proper approval has been provided by the client. The exact form in which approval will be provided will vary by client and should be set out in the contract... Read more

Finance and media agencies - what you need to know part one

FinanceWednesday, 22 March 2017

In these exclusive excerpts from our IPA online Commercial Certificate, we look at the role of finance within all components of a media agency, from pitching for new business to booking media.
Just like media, the world of finance comes with a language of its own that is designed to confuse and intimidate the outsider...
Read more

Data breach update to Australian privacy law

Stephen von MuensterMonday, 20 March 2017

In our increasingly online economy, data breaches are an unfortunate reality for all businesses, and a threat to consumer privacy and safety. A data breach is essentially any intentional or unintentional release of secure or private or confidential information to an untrusted environment... Read more

Social influencers, brands and agencies: what the AANA update to advertising laws means

Data BreachFriday, 17 March 2017

It is evident from a casual gaze through social pages or industry commentary that brands are increasingly turning to social influencers to promote their products through online social channels, with the intent of influencing consumer purchasing decisions in favour of their products. Indeed, some commentators have even described social influencers as our ‘future media owners’... Read more

Writing your Effies paper: it won’t be fun, but it’s worth it

Fabio BurestiFriday, 17 March 2017

Every time I see the call for entries every year, part of me just dies inside. You’ve got to prepare yourself mentally for the challenge ahead, because an Effie is not easy to win. Seeing how few Golds were awarded last year is testament to how much tougher it’s getting and how much better your entries need to be from a numbers and rigour point of view... Read more

Eff Test Quiz - How effective are your campaigns?

How effective are you campaignsThursday, 9 March 2017

Do you know how to fully evaluate and hone effective campaigns? Can you rigorously evaluate the impact of that campaign, without falling into some classic traps of misinterpretation? Finally, are you up to speed with the tactics involved in writing up an effectiveness paper - especially with this year’s Effie Awards now open for entries... Read more

How to get the attention of awards judges (and ensure no one else notices your ad)

TrophyMonday, 27 February 2017

Creative director and author Steve Harrison reveals the impact and importance of not just a good headline, but a headline in the first place. At the 2016 D&AD Awards, the judges gave precious Pencils for Best Writing for Advertising and Best Press to ads with no headlines... Read more